15th Century

The 15th century brought about the end of the hundred years’ war, which lasted 116 years. This was most likely cement in 1415 in the Battle of Agincourt where approximately 6000 Frenchmen died whereas on 1600 English did. However, despite this the 15th century was a period of political unrest for England which eventually would lead to the war of the Roses.

During and before the war King Edward I brought about the strongest and focussed parliament that England had seen uniting the English Elite. However, the start of the 15th century this had deteriorated as the Elite gained more power due to the fact the Elites men starting working more for their Lords rather their King. The Elite used this power to influence parliament and by extension the King’s court. They used this power to oppose rises in taxes to fund the war. However, despite this England was in finical crisis by mid-15th century leading to a revolt led by Jack Cade, this snowballed into the famous War of the Roses.


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